Gold, Silber Ketten
Halsketten in Gold und Silber

925 sterling silver

At Kuzzoi we only use genuine and high-quality materials. Most jewelry is made of 925 sterling silver. We also offer our jewelery in gold-plated 925 sterling silver.

Our gold tone has no obtrusive yellow tinge and looks warm and subtle. The gold-plated pieces of jewelry are 24-carat gold-plated. With our high-quality gold plating, we guarantee that you will enjoy your jewelery for a long time. Follow our care instructions to ensure the color lasts for a long time. Since we are convinced of our quality, we offer you a one-year guarantee on every piece of jewellery.

Since 925 sterling silver is softer than real gold, it can be easily deformed. 925 sterling silver is 92.5% pure. This means that for every 1,000 parts of sterling silver there are 75 parts (7.5%) of other metals. This is the standard for fine silver jewelry.

All of our sterling silver jewelry is hallmarked to indicate the fineness (925) of the silver.

375 gold

In addition, at Kuzzoi we are particularly proud of the 375 (9 carat) yellow gold jewelry in our collections. The material yellow gold is an alloy and is made up of fine gold, silver and copper depending on the proportion. The gold color on our jewelry is determined by the ratio of the metals contained. With a higher amount of gold, the color becomes more intense and radiant.

Gold is sold in different grades. The international measure of gold purity is the carat (abbreviated to "K" or "ct"), so the percentage of pure gold in a gram of this alloy can be documented to the nearest thousandth.

The 375 yellow gold consists of 37.5% pure gold and has a gold content of 9 K.
The remaining parts of the jewelry contain other metals, such as silver or copper, etc.

All of our pieces of jewelery made of yellow gold are hallmarked to confirm the gold's purity (375).