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Landschaft Bali
Palme Bali Landschaft

Sustainability is a matter close to our hearts - from the production to the sale of our jewelry. What is particularly important to us? At Kuzzoi, our focus is on conserving resources in the manufacture of our products, protecting our environment and social responsibility towards our employees. These three pillars are the foundation of our efforts to build a company that operates as sustainably as possible.

I love our working culture. We work together as a team and with our hearts. Not even the distance and time gap between Bali and Hamburg separates us.

Head of the IT team
Bali Team


social sustainability

We are proud of the close teamwork of our employees in Hamburg and Bali. Here, high-quality jewelry designs are created together, which are then carefully handcrafted, mostly in our factory in Bali by our silversmiths.

Our own manufactory enables 100% transparency in production and gives us the opportunity to show you the origin of your jewelry. Incidentally, JULIE & GRACE is a member of Amfori, an organization that works to improve social and ecological standards in companies. All of our jewelry is made under fair working conditions.

Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct

We are regularly audited against the BSCI Code of Conduct to ensure our production is socially responsible. Our last audit took place in October 2022. This examination examines whether our company processes, requirements and guidelines really correspond to the standards of the BSCI code of conduct. And they do. At Kuzzoi we ensure that our employees are paid fairly and we do not tolerate any form of forced labour, child labor or discrimination in the workplace.

Our commitment to protecting our employees is the focus: we ensure comprehensive occupational safety measures both in production and in our offices in Hamburg and Bali.

Female Empowerment bei Julie & Grace

Elbe workshops

We have been working successfully with the Elbe workshops at our Hamburg location for some time. We are very happy about two new employees who have joined our team through an inclusion program.

female empowerment

Unusual for Asian countries, but it is actually true: almost exclusively women work in management positions at our production site in Bali. Because we not only support skills and potential in order to achieve fair equality, we also attach great importance to the compatibility of family and work. Our flexible working time model enables our employees to develop professionally and at the same time to be there for their families.

In our company I like the people and the working atmosphere. We treat our colleagues as family that brings a positive vibe and so we can work with fun.

Production manager in Bali


environmental sustainability

The fact is: every person and every company leaves an ecological footprint. It is therefore our goal to minimize that of JULIE & GRACE in the long term and to remain climate-neutral.

Climate neutral shipping

To achieve this goal, we want to reduce our CO2 emissions to a minimum. How do we achieve that? For example, by sending your order climate-neutrally with DHL GoGreen. This enables us to offset the emissions generated during shipping by supporting certified environmental projects . With our CO2 credits we support various climate projects, such as wind energy in India, renewable energies in Brazil or the biogas program in Vietnam.

Environmentally friendly packaging

Our shipping packaging has FSC certification and is therefore particularly environmentally friendly. Our jewelery boxes are also FSC certified and are made entirely from recycled paper. This means that our packaging can be disposed of easily and in an environmentally friendly manner. At the moment we cannot completely do without plastic covers to protect our products. But we are already working intensively on an environmentally friendly solution to avoid single-use plastic in the future.

Climate neutral company

As a climate-neutral company, we calculate and offset our CO2 emissions every year with the help of ClimatePartner, our climate protection consultant. With this we support the combined project CO2 compensation + marine protection. For every ton of CO2 compensated, we collect an additional 10 kg of plastic as part of the Plastic Bank Initiative. We combine the protection of the environment with the fight against plastic waste. In total, we have already been able to offset over 128 tons of CO2 with JULIE & GRACE. Our climate protection project supports various countries in Asia, to which we have a special connection through our manufactory. You can find more information on this topic here and our tracking ID is 17886-2210-1001.

At Kuzzoi we work mainly digitally and therefore hardly ever use paper in our offices. We use green electricity and ensure that our drinking water from the tap is treated with a high-quality water filter system. That's why we don't have any plastic bottles. With our flexible home office concept, we try to reduce traffic-related CO2 emissions.

What I like most about our company are the people and their spirit of continuous improvement.

Director in our manufactory
Manufaktur Wachsfigur


Product-related sustainability

We only use precious metals for our products, such as 925 sterling silver, yellow gold, white gold & rose gold. Therefore, our jewelry is fully recyclable. With us, all returned products are first carefully checked, cleaned and, if possible, resold. We melt down pieces of jewelry that are no longer suitable for sale. This allows us to completely recycle the precious metals.

Our unique sterling silver jewelry is made from 50% to 100% recycled material. Our long-standing production partners and suppliers have made it their task to change their production processes and continuously increase the proportion of processed material. Going forward, the non-recycled portion will consist primarily of LBMA-certified silver and gold. The London Bullion Market Association regularly inspects the producers of precious metals using strict qualification criteria. What is particularly important to us: We only accept KPCS-approved diamonds for purchase. The goal of the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme is to stop the international trade in conflict diamonds through government certificates of origin

lean production

Since our founding in 2008, we have only made jewelry on demand. That means we only make jewelry that you actually want to buy. We want to save resources right from the start of the process.

That's why we at Kuzzoi rely on the so-called one-piece flow management and thus on the continuous improvement of our production and supply chain. In this way, we can also produce pieces of jewelry that are not in high demand. At the same time, we avoid mass production and keep our inventories and storage areas low. Here you can find out more about our manufactory.

Produktion Feilen Silberschmuckstück

Its a lot to do...

We strive to become a little bit better every day in relation to the environment, our employees and our products. That is why we have many other topics on our agenda, including the following:


We know we're not perfect, but we strive to constantly improve. So if you have any suggestions for us, please send us an email to