Landschaft Bali Berge
Palmen Landschaft Bali

Our history

It all started with an exciting journey of close friends Peter and Markus from the city of Hamburg to the beautiful island of Bali. From warm-hearted residents to a tropical climate and breathtaking natural spectacles - the fascinating charm of Bali immediately cast a spell over them. Her greatest discovery was the fascinating art of blacksmithing and jewelry culture of the Balinese families. Inspired by this tradition, we came up with the idea of ​​making unique pieces of jewelry from the best materials and manufacturing them in our own factory in Bali. Our goal: to create jewelery that conveys the positive, cheerful feeling of Bali.

Since our founding in 2008, we at JULIE & GRACE have grown and developed into a unique online jewelry label. Our core brands Elli, Kuzzoi were created with a team of over 400 creative minds and silversmiths. Our real jewelery is now available exclusively online at fair prices in over 30 countries. JULIE & GRACE is Europe's largest vertically integrated e-commerce player in the jewelry sector.

Schmuck Manufaktur Bali Silber Ring

Our Principles

At Kuzzoi we make durable, high quality and sustainable real jewellery. At Kuzzoi we want our products to be accessible to everyone. That's why we pay a lot of attention to fair prices. Through our online sales, we create price advantages for our customers on the international market.

For us, the Bali Vibe not only embodies the positive, Balinese attitude to life, but also the harmony and appreciation of fellow human beings and the environment. We attach great importance to maintaining the highest standards, creating fair working conditions and accepting social responsibility. At Kuzzoi, sustainability is characterized by an innovative production method: on-demand production. Each product is manufactured individually, depending on demand. With this approach we avoid mass production and set an example for a sustainable future. On the other hand, we attach great importance to ecological work. This includes the recycling of paper, packaging, silver scraps and selected returns. Sustainability is also an important concern in our everyday office life. We use water dispensers and glass bottles, minimize the use of plastic and prefer rail travel.

Our team

Our multicultural team in Hamburg and Bali enriches us with intuition and diversity. We work together towards one goal: customer satisfaction.