Landschaft Bali
Palme Bali Landschaft

We are particularly proud of our own factory in Bali. In our traditional handicraft production, our silversmiths create unique pieces of jewelry that arise from new ideas with great attention to detail. Quality, fairness and sustainability - they form the foundation of our production. In addition, at Kuzzoi we work closely with various production partners to offer you a wide range of jewellery. JULIE & GRACE is a proud member of Amfori, a program that improves social standards in global supply chains. Our jewelry is made under fair working conditions, in accordance with the BSCI code of conduct.

Creating jewelry for everyone that is accessible and affordable is our great passion. At Kuzzoi we have a clear focus: We are always up-to-date and implement the coolest trends and styles in our designs. We update our collections every week so that you can always wear the latest pieces of jewelry. In close cooperation with our team in Bali, the pieces of jewelery are designed, concepts are drawn up and then manufactured using traditional craftsmanship. This is how we turn our designs and ideas into reality. Our brands should create pieces of jewelery for everyday use that are perfect for every occasion and conjure up a special sparkle in the eyes of their wearers. The jewelry should express and underline your individual style - be it modern and urban, classically elegant, playful and young, rustic and masculine or cute and sweet...

Visiting our manufactory

From the first idea to the finished piece of jewelry, it only takes a few weeks for us. Each new piece of jewelry is handcrafted in our own factory in Bali. You can see how we create your favorite pieces here:


Our design team in Hamburg and Bali works on new designs every day. Inspired by the latest trends, we create new collection plans every month to create your new favorite piece. Each idea is first technically sketched in our design program and then carefully brought to life by our wax carvers.

Wachsmodell Manufaktur

#2 2D MEETS 3D

From the first technical drawing, a life-size wax model is created, which breathes life into the piece of jewellery. We use a cutter, file and sickle to shape the desired piece of jewelry from the wax material. This becomes the master of the design - the original model. We then check the piece of jewelry for appearance, weight and technical details, because this model serves as a template for all other pieces of jewelry.

Wachs Produktion


Now follows one of the most exciting steps: A real piece of silver is created from the original model. The master model is pressed into a silicone mold to create a negative mold. This enables us to produce countless high-quality reproductions. The resulting waxes are attached to a wax tree and transformed into silver using a special casting process. Extremely high temperature is required to produce the coarse silver element. For this, the original wax tree is melted, burned out and poured.

Feile Ring Polieren


With love and expertise: our silversmiths finish every piece of jewelry by polishing, setting stones and gilding. The piece of silver jewelery is still rough and imperfect - a gentle surface treatment makes it shiny and radiant. The perfect completion of the piece of jewelry is achieved carefully and with great attention to detail. Special pieces are finally refined with a fine 24K gold or 18K rose gold plating.


In the last step, the piece of jewelry is polished to a shine and hallmarked with a hallmark, which confirms the authenticity of the real jewelry. With us, every piece of jewelry undergoes a strict final quality control before it is carefully packed and sent to Hamburg. Our jewelry is designed with traditional blacksmithing to convey the typical Bali vibe.