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Perlenkette, Ringe
Ringe und Perlenkette


cultured freshwater pearls

These unique freshwater pearls come from oysters that are matured in freshwater. Their fascinating diversity in shape, color and size has earned them the nickname "pearls with a thousand faces". As a natural product, each pearl is unique and a high-quality one-of-a-kind.

shell pearls

The shell pearls are not made like cultured pearls. They are created from the core of the mussel and are characterized by their perfect round shape and their striking shine.


Diamonds come in many different shapes and colors. Each of them has unique properties that make your piece of jewelry a classic for eternity.

quality criteria

Four criteria determine the value of a diamond worldwide: cut, carat, clarity and color - cut, carat, purity and colour. In English they are also referred to as the 4C


The weight and size of a diamond are measured and reported in carats.


Clarity is a measure of the natural imperfections - called inclusions - that appear in almost all diamonds. Many of these inclusions are microscopic and do not affect the beauty of the diamond.

White Diamond:

White diamonds are the most popular diamonds. They embody purity and timeless elegance.

Black Diamond:

Our black diamonds are artificially blackened by irradiation. Pieces of jewelry with black diamonds are particularly unique, expressive and seductive.

Abbreviation - meaning:

IF - Flawless, no internal features
VVS1, VVS2 - Tiny inclusions
VS1, VS2 - Very small inclusions
SI1, SI2 - Small inclusions
Piqué1 - Small inclusions, difficult to see
Piqué2-3 - Inclusions easily visible to the naked eye